Seoul Stars Official Rhythm Game Demo

All demo testers will receive an in-game starter pack when the Alpha releases; starter pack will consist of YunaCoin and in-game items

Complete the tasks below to gain access to the Seoul Stars game demo and claim your starter pack

Note: This is only a demo and is intended to show Seoul Stars holders and investors the vision we have for the full-game; the demo is no where representative of final UI/UX design and gameplay. Alpha version will release in Q2 of 2022 where P2E will be implemented

Rhythm Game Demo Guide

Game Objective

The objective of the game will be to earn as many points as possible. The amount of points earned will depend on: Accuracy of timing of the hit beat (will be either miss, good, great or perfect for each beat depending on the timing) and consecutive successful hits (players can get bonus points if they can match the falling objects on beat correctly and consecutively without any misses). Note that the demo game is PVE only and that the full game will have a PVP option.

Game Controls

The game controls for the demo are standard for a rhythm game on PC. If you are new to rhythm games we recommend to focus on perfecting tapping the beats in lanes before using skills and items. For the experts and the adventurous — ignore that statement! Note that in the full game you will be able to customise your control layout to your liking. Here is a game control guide to help you prepare for your debut!

Selecting a song

Select one of Yuna’s songs a hit play now to jump straight into demo testing. Note the difficulty of each song; Kiss me Kiss me is rated 1 star and Lonely is rated 3 stars. The higher the star rating — the more difficult the song will be. All of Yuna’s future songs will be playable in-game and have different difficulty levels. We are also working on adding other K-Pop idols songs to the full game!

Skills and items

Each player will have 7 sockets for skills (based on Yuna NFT attributes) and 3 sockets for in-game items. As the NFTs have 12 traits (face expression, clothes, hair, hair accessory, etc.) two traits will determine what one skill socket will have and the effectiveness of that skill, and there will be one secret skill based on the overall rarity of Yuna NFT.

There will be many more items and skills added to the full game; the following skills and items will be available to be used in the demo game.